• Image of Butzi Gear Leather Key Ring
  • Image of Butzi Gear Leather Key Ring

Our custom, leather key rings are made from genuine USA leather that is hand selected from a local leather supplier right here in New England. Each piece is hand washed & cleaned after cutting & engraving. They are then dried, edges are buffed and they are hand assembled/riveted for final assembly. Lots of passion and love is put into each key ring so you can enjoy them for years to come.

There are currently two designs available - seen in photo #2:
Solid (top)
Outline (bottom)

Retail: $15

Thanks for the support!

Butzi Gear is more than a brand, it is a way of life driven by passion, art & excellence. Love Porsche and all things "Motorsport"? Then you need Butzi Gear in your life...